Senegal took strategic decision to embark on development trajectory.

This ambition is summarized in a vision which is « An emerging Senegal in 2035 with social solidarity and the rule of law”. The strategic orientations, which will guide the initiatives needed to translate this vision into actions and tangible results for the benefit of the population, are based on three pillars:

  • a structural transformation of the economy through the consolidation of current engines of growth and the development of new sectors to create wealth, jobs, and social inclusion, with a strong capacity to export and attract investment. This pillar is based on a more balanced approach to development, with the promotion of regions and economic poles in order to stimulate the potential for development across the entire territory;
  • a significant improvement in the well-being of the population, a more sustained struggle against social inequality, while preserving the resource base and supporting the emergence of viable regions; and
  • the reinforcement of security, stability, governance, the protection of rights and liberties, and the consolidation of the rule of law in order to create better conditions for social peace and the fulfilment of potential.

The three pillars of the strategy will enable, through their synergies and cumulative effects, the creation of the conditions for emergence.

To achieve the objectives of the ESP, it is essential to combine the prior conditions or foundations for emergence, tied to the core issue of energy, the establishment of the most modern infrastructure to support production, improvements in the investment climate, a reinforcement of human capital, and the satisfaction of financing needs. The success of the ESP requires strong promotional capacity from the State and clear leadership. To this end, the Government is committed to an accelerated program of reforms to modernize the public administration to adapt it to the performance requirements of the strategy.

The institutional framework for the implementation of the ESP will consist of: a Strategic Orientation Committee, under the authority of the President of the Republic, a Steering Committee chaired by the President of the Republic an operational Bureau for the monitoring of the ESP (BOSSE), and executing structures.

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