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Why does it take so long to start a project?

The realization of an investment unit is an extremely complicated and complex matter. It requires highly coordinated process from a wide range of branches and sectors. Only an experienced and reputable company with adequate production capacity, highly trained and experienced teams and a strong financial background can implement such a large-scale project.

All of this is a prerequisite for the project success. In addition to these important assumptions, another MAJOR aspect strongly influencing the time factor is the approval process. At similar projects, and especially at this particular one, which combines unique modular technology with the blending of requirements for smaller or medium-sized regional airports to operate interstate or intercontinental flights, it covers a wide range of aspects, from financial and insurance matters to purely technical issues, such as compliance with a number of specific standards that the final product must meet. Although the signing of the contract was highly important, it was only the beginning of the journey. All of this is the main reason why preparations for the implementation and launch of similar projects require so much time and work. Good preparation is a prerequisite condition to guarantee a satisfactory process and achieve the desired project results. The assignment and preparation of the project cannot be underestimated. By careful preparation, we protect not only the financial costs, but also the goal to be achieved.

In what fields will Senegalese companies participate in the project?

Construction, water and electrical work, transport, buildings security, legal and design consultancy. Further, a large number of local workforce will be employed to carry out airport construction. The selected part of them will undergo professional training for more demanding and qualified work. These staff will then form the basis of a team of experts working on the operation and maintenance of various facilities at the airport.

Which local workforce will be required?

Builders, concrete workers, asphalters, bricklayers, construction machine operators (excavators, scrapers, tractors, cranes, trucks, forklifts, rollers, etc.), electricians and more and more.

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